Compensation and Recovery .

Acta non verba
(Facts not words)


I assist clients with civil liability practices such as compensation for damages following a road accident, medical liability or other type of accident, against both private individuals and insurance companies, both in the out-of-court phase, to reach a fair agreement, and in the judicial one.
My firm avails itself of the collaboration of professionals specialized in forensic medicine, offering support to obtain adequate compensation for damages from physical, psychological or both injuries (including issues relating to medical negligence).

In particular, I deal with:

  • damages derived from:
    • accidents or road hazards
    • accidents at work
    • medical liability
  • credit recovery of individuals and companies. Initially, the debtor will be advised to pay the amount due and will be contacted in order to agree on a repayment plan supported by suitable guarantees. In the event that an amicable settlement is not reached, a patrimonial investigation will be carried out on the debtor in order to identify the assets of his property before the activation of a judicial action. Therefore, only judicial actions will be taken against capable subjects avoiding that the customer pays out money to cultivate actions that will not give the desired results.
The work of the lawyer requires the maximum of open-mindedness, the habit of thinking logically, in-depth perception skills, infinite patience and self-control, knowing how to read men’s minds, judge their characteristics from faces, know how to understand their motivations , knowing how to act with strength and precision, having a perfect command of the subject, extreme caution and, first of all, the instinctive ability to discover the weak point in the test to be examined

Francis Wellman (Attorney)