Our true nationality is mankind .

“Our country is the world and citizenship is the whole of humanity”
(William Lloyd Garrison)


In Italy, the waiting times for Italian citizenship seem eternal. It may happen that the application for citizenship has been stopped for years or has been rejected due to a criminal record. For this, the immigration and citizenship lawyer should also be a criminal lawyer. They are areas of law that are intertwined; a criminal conviction can have serious consequences on the residence permit or on the application for citizenship. In the event that there has already been a criminal conviction, it is necessary to take action for rehabilitation to intervene (here some cases).

The Salvini decree raised the deadline for the conclusion of the citizenship procedure to 48 months. The subsequent “Immigration-security” decree modified the Salvini decree, reducing the terms to 24 months (2 years), which can be extended to 36 months (3 years) in the event of proven objective reasons that prevent a ruling within the term of 2 years. But the real problem is that, in almost all of the applications presented, the deadline for defining the procedures from the presentation of the citizenship application can be up to 5 years!

What to do to speed up times

For years my office has been dealing with the delicate issue of citizenship and, in particular, with appealing to the Regional Administrative Court against the silence of the Public Administration. In these cases, the procedure is generally closed within a few months with the granting of Italian citizenship. If, on the other hand, the Ministry of the Interior rejects the request for citizenship, an appeal can be made on the legitimacy of the rejection.


I keep thinking about the University, the year I lost without anyone having understood the reason.
I want to send my love to my classmates and friends in Bologna. I miss my home there, the streets and the university very much. I was hoping to spend the holidays with my family but this will not happen for the second time due to my detention.

(Patrick Zaki- activist and researcher)