Twenty years of experience

We are surrounded by our own gaze
(Simone Weil)


For about 20 years I have been serving as Honorary Judge of the Court of Parma, assigned to the criminal section. At the same time, I work as a criminal lawyer for private individuals is companies at every stage, state and grade of the criminal proceedings.

In particular, I deal with the following subjects:

  • crimes against the person
  • crimes against the family
  • crimes against the PA (embezzlement, corruption, abuse of office, etc.)
  • crimes against the administration of justice (slander, aiding and abetting, etc.)
  • crimes against property (e.g. fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, receiving stolen goods, etc.)
  • liability for medical negligence
  • crimes of forgery and against public faith
  • computer crimes
What does “great lawyer” mean? It means a lawyer who is useful to the client to help him assert his reasons. Useful is that lawyer who speaks what is strictly necessary, who writes clearly and concisely, who does not clutter the hearing with his intrusive personality, who does not bore the judges with his prolixity and does not put them in suspicion with his subtlety: precisely the opposite, therefore, of what some public understands by “great lawyer”