Hope for a Better Future .

… But above all it takes courage
to drag our soles
from a land that hates us
to another that doesn’t take it.
(Ivano Fossati, “Bread and courage”)


I have been dealing with immigration law and asylum law for over 20 years, lending consulting legal on immigration legislation e witnessing the foreigner since his arrival in our country: from the entry visa, to the residence permit up to the recognition of Italian citizenship.

I assist the foreigner judicially in cases in which the Italian Embassy you refuse the entry visa , police headquarters reject the application for renewal or conversion of the residence permit (or in case of revocation of the residence permit) and in the event that the Territorial Commission for the Recognition of International Protection decides to not to recognize or cease international protection.

The immigration lawyer cannot ignore the serious consequences of a criminal conviction on the residence permit or on the citizenship application. The immigration lawyer must also be a good criminal lawyer, so that he can adequately assist the client in a criminal trial, to allow him to keep his residence permit and remain in Italy.

Finally, I soon take a particularly careful look at the migrants without a residence permit who live with their minor children . In these cases it is possible to apply to the Juvenile Court to request a residence permit linked to “serious reasons connected with the psychophysical development and taking into account the age and health conditions of the minor”. A residence permit that allows the parent to be able to carry out regular work. Here are some cases that I have personally followed.

In particular, I deal with:

  • Entry to Italy (entry visa)
  • Residence (residence permit, reunification and family cohesion, etc.)
  • Family
  • Minors
  • Citizenship
  • Statelessness
  • Work
  • Assistance in criminal proceedings
  • Rehabilitation criminal (allows the sentenced person to “ to clean up “his criminal record, to go back to being cleansed)

Remember, always remember, that all of us, and you and me in particular, are descended from immigrants.

(Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States of America)